About Us

Professional Quality at Affordable Prices.

Our Mission

To provide customers with an experience that doesn't leave them confused with the services rendered. We aim to help the customer understand each step of the way, so that they can be part of the design life cycle.


Dave Shymko, BASc.

Dave convocated with Great Honours from the Electronics Systems Engineering program at the University of Regina. You can trust someone to fix your computers who not only knows how they work but has a true understanding of why they work.
With 5 years of experience in Web Development, it makes the perfect combination of knowledge for all of your IT needs.

Michael Donnelly , BSc. BSc.

Mike convocated with a dual major in Computer Science and Biology at the University of Regina. With 5 years of programming experience and many more in system diagnosis, he can provide both cost effective and environmentally green solutions for your company.

Based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. GO RIDERS!