PC Repair/Custom Builds

Computer Problems? Say No More!

We fix the following problems:

  • Anything

Seriously. Got a virus? No problem.

Computer running slow? We do that too.

Need software installed/configured? Consider it done.

Computer won't boot? We got steel toes.


Not comfortable buying a Computer off the shelf?

Want a sweet gaming PC? Give us a shout.

We also are able to build custom computers to fit your needs, whether it be for gaming, business or personal use. We will help you understand what every component is and what your options are for purchase. Assembly and testing is included! 

You may be asking,  why would I get a custom build? Well, here are some benefits of buying a custom build:

  • ensure quality hardware throughout your machine
  • don't pay for software you don't need, that slows down your machine
  • avoid re-furbished machines
  • your machine, the way you want it
  • don't deal with pushy salesman